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Welcome Business Partners!

At Hampton Farms your sucess is our business. To guarantee the best product for your customers, our operation plays a direct role in each stage of production beginning in the peanut fields. 

Growing and Harvesting: We have long-standing relationships with only the best quality farmers.
Severn Peanut Company sells the farmers their seed.

  • Meherrin Agriculture provides crop protectants & fertilizer specially formulated for local growing conditions.
  • Our trained personnel work directly with farmers throughout the growing season to maximize yields and quality.

 Shelling & Storage: Harvested farmer stock peanuts come directly from farmers to Severn Peanut Company.

  • They are stored in one of more than 30 separate storage warehouses, across 4 states, until being delivered to a shelling facility for cleaning and sizing.
  • Raw farmer stock is processed in Hampton Farms’ NC and NM shelling facilities. 

Processing, Packaging & Warehousing: All of the processing of our peanuts – roasting, oil roasting, peanut butter production, & packaging – is done in Hampton Farms-owned and run facilities.

 Shipping: Hampton Farms delivers product using contracted carriers and its fleet of company-owned trucks, ensuring product arrives on time.