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Our Brands


Hampton Farms

Hampton Farm is our flagship brand and umbrella. Hampton Farms is the name known and trusted in the peanut industry. Learn more about Hampton Farms here.


Jimbos Jumbos

Jimbo’s Jumbos in Edenton, North Carolina.  The facility in Edenton now operates as the primary facility for ingredients of all types of peanut products, from granulated toppings to industrial peanut butter.  This location also roasts our delicious Gourmet Style peanuts.

Borden's Valencia

Borden’s Valencia Based in New Mexico the Borden’s storied Brand produces naturally sweet Valencia shelled and in-shell peanuts. They come in Roasted and Salted, Roasted and unsalted and Raw varieties. Borden’s Brand is the best for boiling.

Ava's Snacks

Ava’s Dried Fruits and Snacks: Ava's produces snacks for supermarkets in the north east. Acquisition by Hampton Farms has allowed for increased quality and variety.

Olde Tyme

Olde Tyme Foods based in  East Longmeadow, Massachusetts produces our Nut Butter Grinders and associated products.  The “Olde Tyme Nut Butter Grinders” have become a staple of the natural food industry, enabling retailers to provide freshly ground nut butters direct to consumers.  Olde Tyme also produces our Kotton Kandy.



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