• Team Peanuts = Happy Team

    Healthy snacking and ball field traditions start with Hampton Farms.


    From Seed to Shelf

    At Hampton Farms we are the care-takers for planting, growing, harvesting, roasting and packaging every in-shell peanut which we proudly present to your family.

  • Valencia

    Valencia Peanuts from the Southwest!

    Cases of the versatile Valencia Peanut are now available from Hampton Farms. The Valencia Peanut is naturally sweeter than other peanuts and has a thin shell making them an excellent choice for boiled peanuts! We say "Best for Boiling!" Get them roasted or salted too and discover the irresistible nature of Valencia Peanuts!



Since 1917, family is what matters at Hampton Farms. In everything we do, from seed to shelf, our family strives to give you only the freshest, best quality product, just as we would for our own family. Read More

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