Why You Should Eat Peanuts Every Day
Peanuts: they’re so simple, yet packed with endless potential. From being the perfect little snack to the ideal ingredient, there’s nothing this mighty little nut can’t do. Peanuts deserve a big shoutout when it comes to keeping us fueled and...
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Origin of Peanut Butter
Learn about the origin of peanut butter, from its early days as a simple paste to the modern creamy and crunchy staples found in pantries around the world.
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How Nuts Can Help With Blood Pressure
Nuts, including almonds, pistachios, and peanuts, contain a unique blend of nutrients, emerging as powerful allies in the fight for blood pressure control. High blood pressure affects many individuals, and it’s a major risk factor for heart disease, but incorporating heart-healthy foods like nuts into your diet...
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Peanuts & Baseball: A Shared History
Peanuts began their harmonious relationship with baseball in the late 1800s, and their salty and satisfying crunch continues to delight ballpark visitors. But the connection between these two fan favorites almost didn’t happen.
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Best Nuts To Try on Keto
The best nuts to try on keto, including peanuts, pecans, and almonds, contain plenty of fats, limited carbs, and protein to support bone and muscle growth. Nuts are a fantastic source of healthy fats, making them ideal for ...
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Benefits Of Peanuts
Learn more about the humble but tasty little peanut as you explore its top seven benefits, including portability, versatility, and heart-healthy perks. Most people know how delicious peanuts are, but not everyone understands the peanut’s many benefits.
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Healthy Nut-Based Snack Ideas
Everybody is looking for healthy snack ideas, and nuts make an excellent recipe ingredient for sweet, savory, and salty treats. On their own, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, and mixed nuts are healthy snacks with enough fiber and protein to keep you going until your next meal. Snack recipes ...
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