Four Different Types of Peanuts

Four Different Types of Peanuts

From their recipe versatility and bold flavor to their healthy nutritional integrity, there are plenty of reasons why peanuts should be a staple in every pantry. However, the peanuts used to make your favorite jar of peanut butter are not the same peanuts used in your crockpot spicy boiled peanuts. What makes them different? There are actually four different types of peanuts grown in the U.S., and each one has different characteristics and uses. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the four different types of peanuts.


Virginia Peanuts

As the reigning “gourmet” peanut variety, Virginia peanuts are the largest of the four types with premium taste and characteristics. Accordingly, these peanuts are typically served as snackable nuts rather than in nut butters or other peanut-influenced products. Additionally, because of their larger size and perfect shape, in-shell Virginia peanuts are the ubiquitous nuts associated with ballparks and sports games. When you purchase Virginia peanuts from Hampton Farms, you can be confident that each nut has been individually screened for size, color, and quality.


Valencia Peanuts

Valencia peanuts are easily identified by having three or more kernels per shell and are the peanut of choice for boiled peanuts. Additionally, Valencia peanuts have a sweeter taste than the rest of the peanut family, which makes them suitable for all-natural peanut butters. While their uses vary, Valencia peanuts are the smallest group of peanuts grown in the U.S. In fact, all of Hampton Farms’ Valencia peanuts are handled in a single New Mexico shelling facility.


Runner Peanuts

As the largest volume of peanuts grown in the U.S., the Runner variety accounts for the highest pounds per acre at the farm. Runner kernels lean more towards a round, circular shape in comparison to the longer, oval shapes that characterize Valencia-type peanuts. Their smaller and more uniform shape makes Runner peanuts the easiest to evenly roast. Additionally, Runners are typically used in candies, snack mixes, and some nut butters.


Spanish Peanuts

Recognized by its small, reddish-brown kernel, Spanish peanuts are a popular choice for use in candy, confections, and nut butters. Like Valencia peanuts, this variety accounts for a smaller volume of peanuts grown in the U.S.; however, what they lack in volume, these peanuts make up for in taste! With a higher oil content than the others, Spanish peanuts are known for their rich, savory flavor when roasted.


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Hampton Farms has been delivering the freshest, best quality peanuts from seed to shelf since 1917. Our business is family owned and operated, and we are committed to producing the finest peanut-based snacks and services with integrity, honesty, and the pride of American farmers. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or headed to the park, purchase some Hampton Farms nuts today!




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