Why You Should Eat Peanuts Every Day

Why You Should Eat Peanuts Every Day

Peanuts: they’re so simple, yet packed with endless potential. From being the perfect little snack to the ideal ingredient, there’s nothing this mighty little nut can’t do. Peanuts deserve a big shoutout when it comes to keeping us fueled and healthy. 

At Hampton Farms, we’re nuts about peanuts because these delicious legumes are actually good for you. So, the next time you’re doing some meal prepping for the week, we encourage you to add some peanuts wherever you can. Here are the top four reasons they’re worthy of a dedicated spot in your daily diet. 

Delectable Taste

Let’s face it: when you eat foods you don’t like, you’re not happy. Tons of healthy food options on the market may not satiate your palate or cravings, which may ultimately lead you to less nutritious choices. However, peanuts have a delicious taste that won’t leave you begging for more. If traditional peanuts just aren’t your thing, no need to worry. Hampton Farms has got you covered with a range of nut products and In-Shell flavors to please even the pickiest eater. 

Good for Your Heart

While peanuts may make our hearts skip a beat, your heart will certainly be protected by making peanuts a regular part of your diet. Peanuts are proven to be one of the most important heart-healthy foods out there. Peanuts have enough vitamins and minerals to reduce the risk of artery inflammation and cardiovascular disease. Talk about a hearty nut!

Nutty Versatility

No matter your tastes, we’re sure there’s a cool way to include peanuts in your diet. Want a healthy snack? Peanuts will keep you full. Not a fan of in-shell peanuts as a snack? You can chop up some peanuts and add them to salads or veggies. Need something that won’t bore you? You can make peanut sauce to pair perfectly as a dressing for sandwiches or salads. When it comes to peanuts, the world is truly your oyster. 

Need Protein? No Problem. 

People need foods dense with protein to keep them satisfied for longer periods of time. Protein is commonly found in meats like poultry or beef. However, chicken or steak are not great snacking options. Additionally, our vegan and vegetarian friends need plant-based foods rich in protein as well. Luckily, peanuts are something carnivores, vegetarians and vegans can all agree on. Peanuts have more protein than any other nut — 7.3 grams of protein per serving/ounce! That’s enough protein to keep you fueled and focused on your day ahead. 

Hampton Farms has been the leading supplier of the freshest, best quality peanuts from seed to shelf since 1917. Our business is family-owned and operated, and we are committed to producing the finest nut-based snacks and services with integrity, honesty and the pride of American farmers. If you're looking for a locally grown, nutritious and delicious snack, purchase some Hampton Farms nuts today!

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