American Heart Month: Are Peanuts Good for your Heart?

American Heart Month: Are Peanuts Good for your Heart?

It’s February--the month of love! Though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, our hearts are still fluttering, sugar in the form of various red and pink candies tastes just as good, and corny poems are still as cute as they were on February 14th. But whether or not you had a valentine on Cupid’s special day, it’s always important to take care of your heart, especially since February is American Heart Month.

Research suggests that incorporating nuts and unsalted peanuts into your diet may reduce the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease. Let’s take a closer look at what unsalted peanuts can do for your heart.  

Unsaturated Fats in Peanuts Promote Vascular Health

Peanuts consist of primarily monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, which are integral to a healthy diet. Healthy fats, such as the unsaturated fats found in unsalted peanuts in the shell, provide our bodies with the necessary energy for us to maintain proper functioning and also reduce the risk of high blood cholesterol levels

Studies show that unsaturated fats may play a significant role in glucose homeostasis, appetite suppression, and vascular health. Additionally, unsaturated fatty acids and protein found in peanuts can contribute to an increased resting metabolic rate.

Nuts and Peanuts for Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease continues to make a major impact on global health, and combating these heart-related diseases remains a leading priority. Nuts and unsalted peanuts contribute to a wide range of different benefits to promote heart health.

High blood pressure is a primary cause of heart disease, and peanuts contain magnesium and potassium to help control and lower blood pressure. Peanuts are also comprised of a combination of anti-inflammatory substances and compounds, including vitamin E, fiber, arginine and polyphenols. Specifically, arginine and polyphenols can prevent damage to the inner lining of arteries, and the fiber and other phenolic compounds in nuts and peanuts are linked with anti-diabetic effects and lowered cholesterol. In fact, some studies show a small handful of nuts each day led to a significant percentage (23-38%) decrease in cardiovascular deaths in a test group of over 200,000 people.


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