G. Dallas Barnes, the grandson of the founder, continues to lead the Hampton Farms family of companies.  Many family members remain involved at almost every level of the organization. 
The company stays true to the vision of its founders by committing to produce great peanut based snacks and services with integrity, honesty and the pride of American farmers.


The Barnes family began farming peanuts in 1917 in northeastern North Carolina.   



Upon returning from a tour in World War II, George Dallas Barnes got together with 3 other families to start a peanut company working directly with American peanut farmers.The families formed Severn Peanut Company, a “sheller” in the peanut industry. George Barnes’s son, “Mutt ” Barnes got involved with Severn Peanut from day 1, later becoming President of the organization and leading it until the 1980′s    


 Meherrin Agricultural was formed to provide services to farmers in the Southeastern United States.    Meherrin


Hampton Farms founded to complete the circle of our service. Hampton Farms roasts, packs and markets finished peanut products direct to customers. Hampton Farms goal is to be the best producer of peanut products in the world.    


 Mutt Barnes’ son, Dallas Barnes took over leadership of Severn Peanut and Meherrin.     Dallas Barnes with Rick McGee
Dallas Barnes, President, with first cousin Rick McGee, Vice President of Industrial & Food Services


 Acquired Martinelli’s Peanuts in Springfield, MA.  This provided a production facility in the Northeast to provide service to that important region.  The plant remains today, roasting in-shell peanuts, making all-natural nut butter products and even making cotton candy.

    Springfield Facility


 Acquired Portales Select Peanut Company in Portales, New Mexico.  This facility provided the ability for Hampton Farms to effectively provide service to the western half of the US.  It operates today, roasting virginia and valencia peanuts and delivering to all classes of trade.     Portales Selcet Peanuts


 Acquired Jimbo’s Jumbos in Edenton, North Carolina.  The facility in Edenton now operates as the primary facility for ingredients of all types of peanut products, from granulated toppings to industrial peanut butter.  This location also roasts our delicious Gourmet Style peanuts.     


 Acquired Olde Tyme Foods in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  The “Olde Tyme Nut Butter Grinders” have become a staple of the natural food industry, enabling retailers to provide freshly ground nut butters direct to consumers.  This acquisition is also where we got our start in the cotton candy business.     Red mill



Aquired Ava's Dried Fruit and Snacks. Ava's produces snacks for supermarkets in the north east. Acquisition by Hampton Farms has allowed for increased quality and variety.



 Aquired Tanner Nut Company of Tarboro, NC. Now the Hampton Farms Specialty Division producing such wonders as Honey Roasted Cashews, Honey Chipotle Peanuts and Wildernuts™ Nut Trios.    


Hampton Farms Introduces our organic line of peanut butter.     Organic Peanut Butter