A Brief History of Peanuts and Baseball

A Brief History of Peanuts and Baseball

The flowers are blooming, the sun is setting later in the day, and nothing sounds better than an afternoon at the ballpark. Yes, baseball season is finally back and more anticipated than ever! Whether you’re watching from home or at the park, peanuts are a necessity to snack on through the innings. At Hampton Farms, we believe peanuts and baseball are the most dynamic duo since peanut butter and jelly. But where did this match made in heaven originate? Read below to learn about the star-crossed history of peanuts and baseball.


Advertising space was sold to a peanut company in 1895.

The love story between peanuts and baseball officially began when Harry Stevens, a ballpark concessionaire, sold advertising space featured on scorecards to a peanut company. Instead of paying for the advertising slot in cash, the company paid for the marketing space in peanuts. Legend has it that Stevens then began selling these nuts at the park.


“Take Me Out To The Ballgame” was written in 1908.

A little over a decade later, the hit “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” came out and was soon playing in stadiums across the nation. The famous lyric “Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks” was popularized by the seventh-inning tradition. This legendary song is still widely played today to pay homage to the beloved peanut-baseball pairing and remind spectators that there’s no better time to snack on some peanuts than during the seventh-inning stretch.


“The Peanut Man” became an MLB icon in 1962.

In 1962, Roger Owens, the official Peanut Man of the LA Dodgers, started working as the park’s official peanut vendor to ensure no spectator went without peanuts while rooting on their team. From then on, the peanut vendor became an icon at ballparks around the country. Today, more than 60 years later, Owens still serves peanuts at the same park in the same section. Now, that’s commitment! 


Peanuts remain popular in baseball stadiums today.

Today, baseball season wouldn’t be complete without peanut shells all over the stands. Peanuts remain one of the most popular snacks for baseball fans across the nation. As the largest supplier of peanuts to baseball stadiums, Hampton Farms sells more than 3.7 million bags of ballpark nuts each year. The fans of the Angels, Astros, Dodgers, Mets and Royals top this list of peanut devourers. Additionally, peanuts are available in a variety of styles at baseball stadiums, such as in-shell and unshelled, salted and unsalted, roasted, and even boiled, so today’s spectators can enjoy peanuts any way they like.


Hampton Farms has been delivering the freshest, best quality peanuts from seed to shelf since 1917. Our business is family owned and operated, and we are committed to producing the finest nut-based snacks and services with integrity, honesty and the pride of American farmers. If you’re looking for a heart-healthy, nutritious snack that can also entertain your kids, order nuts from Hampton Farms today!



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