Five Fun Ways to Upgrade Your PB&J

Five Fun Ways to Upgrade Your PB&J

Few things are more satisfying than biting into a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A PB&J is reminiscent of the simpler times in childhood, yet it still packs the same joy that it did growing up. Although the recipe for a PB&J is a reliable staple in 94% of American homes, no one denies that eating the same sandwich over and over again might teeter toward bland.

Both kids and the young at heart can enjoy an upgraded PB&J customized for their palate. At Hampton Farms, we know how to spruce up a plain old PB&J with quick and easy hacks to boost your sandwich game. Below, we’ve put together five fun ways to reimagine the classic PB&J.

Add Fruits for Extra Oomph

Fresh fruits are always an excellent snack, and so is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Choosing between the two might be rough — but it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Why not add slices of your favorite fruit to your next PB&J concoction? Marrying these two favorites can result in a beautiful, delectable and harmonious culinary experience that will please even the pickiest PB&J connoisseurs. Some great fruits to try out with a PB&J are bananas, strawberries and apples to complement the sweet flavors of the sandwich with a burst of freshness.

Pick a New Bread-Winner

There’s only so much joy one can get from using plain old white bread for every sandwich you make. Experimenting with other bread options really spruces up your traditional PB&J. For rich flavor and texture profiles, sourdough or brioche breads elevate a sandwich to delicious new heights. Alternatively, if you’re seeking healthier ways to experience your PB&J, try whole-wheat or whole-grain breads. In fact, you can skip the bread altogether and use substitutes — like tortillas, crackers or sugar cookies!

Consider Different Peanut Butter Spreads

Upgrading your childhood favorite is as simple as switching up a traditional component of the sandwich: the PB in the PB&J! Different kinds of peanut butter can enrich your PB&J experience by adding a whole new vibe to your sandwich. Hampton Farms’ Creamy Peanut Butter has been perfected over the course of generations to provide the best sandwich experience for PB&J enthusiasts.

Add Honey or Natural Sweeteners

Some people have a sweet tooth, and we can’t blame them. However, many may be worried about overdoing the sugar in a PB&J. If you want a sweeter PB&J without going overboard on refined sugar, try adding natural products that enhance the health benefits of peanut butter, like a drizzle of honey, agave or even pure maple syrup.

Play Around with Different Textures

Some like it crunchy, some like it smooth — we don’t judge either way! Changing up the texture of your PB&J transforms your sandwich experience dramatically. From adding different types of nuts and seeds to substituting jelly with jam, the ingredient options for creative sandwiches are endless.


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