Go Nuts for National Wine and Cheese Day

Go Nuts for National Wine and Cheese Day

What has one word, four syllables and endless possibilities? Charcuterie! July 25th is National Wine and Cheese Day, and making your own charcuterie board is the perfect way to celebrate. Some of you may have never assembled your own charcuterie board, let alone had much experience pairing wine and cheese, but do not fret. Below we’ve put together a couple of combinations and recommendations that will have your taste buds buzzing, especially when you add Hampton Farms peanuts. Grab your favorite ingredients, invite some friends over and make it an evening to remember with these yummy wine and cheese pairings.

Pinot Noir and Havarti

Hampton Farms Nuts addition: Salted Fancy In-Shell Peanuts

Pinot noir is a fruity, light-colored red wine that is considered light-to-medium bodied. It is often highly acidic and offers elegant aromas of all of your favorite red fruits — think cranberries, raspberries and cherries, but with a bit of an earthy flavor. For this reason, we recommend pairing a lovely Pinot Noir with a creamy, smooth Havarti cheese. Havarti offers soft textures and a medium-aged flavor that’s not overpowering. For this combination, add on some delicious Salted Fancy In-Shell Peanuts from Hampton Farms, as the salt from the shell will bring out the best of your Pinot Noir and Havarti duo.

Sauvignon Blanc and Gruyère

Hampton Farms Nuts addition: Unsalted Fancy In-Shell Peanuts

Sauvignon Blanc is a fruity, medium-bodied white wine with a unique flavor. It is a crisp, dry wine that is often associated with tropical and citrus undertones. To complement these aspects, we recommend pairing your Sauvignon Blanc with a creamy Gruyère. Gruyère is widely adored for its rich, salty and nutty flavor and will pair extremely well with the almost herbal notes of a Sauvignon Blanc. Since you don’t need more saltiness with this combo, Hampton Farms Unsalted Fancy In-Shell Peanuts pair extremely well and provide you with a scrumptious, crunchy palate cleanser.

Chardonnay and Brie

Hampton Farms Nuts addition: Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Peanuts

Chardonnay is the perfect summer wine for National Wine and Cheese Day, as it is a dry, medium-to-full bodied wine with flavor notes of apple, lemon, pineapple and vanilla. It’s this exact flavor profile that works wonderfully with a rich and buttery brie, especially those that have been aged longer to gain an earthy taste. The buttery, dry, fruity combo simply needs a little bit of salt, which is where Hampton Farms Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Peanuts come into play. A triple-threat like this will take your summer charcuterie board to the next level.

Champagne and Manchego

Hampton Farms Nuts addition: Sweet Honey Roast Gourmet Pecans

A holiday celebration isn’t complete without a glass of champagne. But what do you pair with a fruity, fragrant, medium-bodied glass of bubbles? Manchego cheese is the answer. Manchego cheese offers a semi-aged flavor profile, but with a rich and salty finish. When you sip the champagne, you will want some cheese, and after the cheese, you’ll want some champagne — the two complement each other wonderfully. We’re just missing one flavor to round it out: sweet honey. With our Sweet Honey Roast Gourmet Pecans, your taste buds will revel in this decadent trio.


Hampton Farms has been delivering the freshest, best quality peanuts from seed to shelf since 1917. Our business is family owned and operated, and we are committed to producing the finest nut-based snacks and services with integrity, honesty and the pride of American farmers. If you’re looking for a healthy, flavorful addition for your National Wine and Cheese Day charcuterie board, order some nuts from Hampton Farms today!

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