Hampton Farms Celebrates Sustainable Peanut Farming For National Peanut Month

Hampton Farms Celebrates Sustainable Peanut Farming For National Peanut Month

SEVERN, N.C. — Hamptons Farms, the No. 1 brand of in-shell peanuts in the United States, is highlighting the natural sustainability of peanut farming to celebrate National Peanut Month this March. One of the most sustainable crops on the planet, peanuts are a “zero-waste” crop; every component of the plant can be composted and reintroduced into the growing process to enrich the soil, and most parts can be used in consumer products.1


Many crops deplete soil of nitrogen, which is essential for growing crops. Not only do peanuts add up to 250 pounds of nitrogen to soil per acre, the plant is also naturally resistant to diseases and pests like nematodes. These characteristics allow farmers to rotate their crops with peanuts and use fewer inputs.2


“We need very sustainable rotational systems in agriculture to keep weeds, insects and disease pests in a controllable state,” said Severn Peanut Company agronomist, Wayne Nixon. “The nitrogen benefit of the legume, and the fact that the residue lasts in the soil for years, makes peanuts an over-achiever by putting in the soil what other crops take away.”


Peanuts have one of the smallest carbon footprints of any crop. They require significantly less water, 3.2 gallons per ounce,1 and only meager amounts of fertilizer to grow large yields. “Less dependency on chemicals and fertilizers saves the farmer money and enhances sustainability for all,” noted Nixon.


Peanut consumption also contributes to a reduced carbon footprint. If the average U.S. consumer replaced one third of their beef consumption with peanuts or other legumes, they would reduce their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent.2


As Nixon put it, “growing peanuts truly blesses the environment.”


To learn more about Hampton Farm’s celebration of National Peanut Month, its commitment to environmental responsibility and the renewable nature of peanut farming, visit the Hampton Farms website and follow Hampton Farms on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.



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About Hampton Farms

Operating since 1947, Hampton Farms is a division of Meherrin Agriculture that produces great-tasting products including in-shell Virginia and Valencia peanuts, shelled peanuts and tree nut snacks, and nut butters. Based in Severn, North Carolina, Hampton Farms is the market leader of the in-shell peanut category, which is sold across the United States and Canada.



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