In-Shell Peanuts

In-Shell Peanuts

Hampton Farms’ peanuts are 100% USA grown, roasted and flavored to order.  Hampton Farms is America’s #1 In-Shell peanut brand.  You can trust that our In-Shell peanuts will have the best fresh-roasted peanut flavor time after time.  We are dedicated to serving your family the same quality products that we serve our own families. Peanuts are a great snack choice, offering more protein than any other nut. Packed with nutrients, peanuts and peanut butters are delicious snack choices without the guilt factor. How often do you find a great-tasting snack that is actually good for you?  Our In-Shell peanuts are offered in a variety of flavors and sizes.


Available in the Following Flavors:

Salted In-shell Peanuts

Salted In-Shell peanuts are Hampton Farms’ flagship peanut.  Our 100% USA grown peanuts are roasted and salted, fresh to order.  You can trust our Salted In-Shell peanuts have fresh-roasted & salted peanut flavor time after time.  Our Salted In-Shell peanuts are available in Fancy and Jumbo size peanuts, along with a variety of sizes of bags and bulk boxes of 25 lbs.  Whether you’re attending a family gathering, baseball game or any other get together, bring along some of Hampton Farms’ signature Salted In-Shell peanuts to share and enjoy.

Unsalted, Roasted, In-shell Peanuts

For the salt-free consumers, these peanuts are roasted in the shell, fresh to order, with No Salt added.  Peanuts are a heart healthy snack.  You will taste the unbelievably good freshness in each peanut.  These peanuts are 100% USA grown and come in both Fancy and Jumbo size peanuts, along with a variety of sizes and 25 lbs. bulk.  Whether you are planning to enjoy them yourself or give them as a gift, the peanuts are sure to please.

Raw In-shell Peanuts

Available in both Fancy and Jumbo sizes, these 100% USA grown Virginia, In-shell peanuts are Raw and waiting for you to cook them up into your favorite recipes.  Whether you plan to make peanut brittle or other peanut candies, we are sure that these large Virginia peanuts will be a great addition.  Available in 16 and 24oz bags, along with bulk sizes from 5 to 50 lbs.  Whether you are cooking for yourself, for guests, or for some other event, you will enjoy the freshness and taste of our large Virginia type peanuts no matter how you cook them.

These peanuts are uncooked, RAW PEANUTS, cook before eating.

Cajun Hot Nuts In-shell Peanuts

Hampton Farms has freshly roasted and seasoned these 100% USA grown Virginia Peanuts with just the right amount of our Cajun blend.  These peanuts have a medium heat, which makes them not too HOT and not too mild.  Whether you are buying them for yourself or others, these Cajun peanuts are sure to please the taste buds of everyone.  Available in a variety of sizes and bulk, make sure you order plenty to share!

Hickory Smoked In-shell Peanuts

We have taken our famous In-Shell peanuts and infused Hickory Smoke flavor into every nut.  As soon as you open a bag, the aroma of the hickory smoke fills the air and immediately makes you think of cook-outs and the great outdoors.  These peanuts are simply divine and sure to compliment any cook-out or family gathering.  Our Hickory Smoke peanuts are available in 10oz bags.  Don’t forget to order plenty to pass around and share with friends and family!


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