About Peanuts: Food Processing

At Hampton Farms, we have roasting facilities across the US to produce the best tasting products available. 

Severn, NC – We roast in-shell peanuts in our HQ facility. We also have a peanut butter production facility here.

Edenton, NC – We also roast in-shell peanuts in Edenton. This facility also roasts bulk peanut butter used as ingredients across the country. Also, in Edenton we roast shelled (out of the shell) peanuts

Springfield, MA – Our Springfield facility services the important Northeast consumer segment. We roast in-shell peanuts in Springfield. By roasting locally, we ensure we deliver freshly roasted products to our customers in the Northeast. We also produce cotton candy in Springfield, in a building separated from the peanut facility.

Portales, NM – This facility enables us to effectively service the Western half of the United States. We roast in-shell peanuts here and serve our customers from Texas and areas farther West.

Franklin, VA – State-of -the-art peanut butter plant where we produce the finest quality private label & Hampton Farms peanut butters.

Lubbock, TX – Our newest addition, one of the new peanut free almond butter production facilities in the US.