Peanut Types: Valencia Peanuts

The exclusive Valencias are grown in the dry sandy soils of eastern New Mexico.  This type yields a long peanut, frequently with more than 2 kernels inside each shell.  The kernels are smaller and come with a natural, sweeter flavor than other varieties.  This makes this peanut the preferred type of many natural peanut butters. 

New Mexico grows almost all the Valencia type peanuts.  A few are grown in Texas each year. Only 1% of the 2013 peanut crop was Valencia type. The Valencia type has a thinner shell than other varieties.  This makes it a great choice for boiling, a popular practice in the Southern United States.

Valencia Type - We handle all of our Valencia peanuts in our Portales, NM shelling facility.  We first size them to make the largest into an in-shell Valencia grade.  Smaller peanuts are then sized as Valencia kernels and used for naturally sweet peanut butter.