Peanut Types: Virginia Peanuts

Contrary to the now standard state-naming trend, a “Virginia” peanut does NOT mean it was grown in the state of Virginia.  Virginia used to be the primary state in which the largest peanuts were grown, so the big peanuts that most people are used to seeing in the shell, became known as “Virginia’s”.   Virginia peanuts are now grown around the world. 

North Carolina currently grows the largest number of Virginia peanut acres.  In the US, they are also grown in VA, SC, FL, GA, OK and west Texas. Only 17% of the 2013 peanut crop were Virginia peanuts. The Hampton Farms brand of in-shell peanuts is 100% US grown Virginia peanuts and is now the #1 brand in the US: the peanuts are also exported to Canada and other countries outside the US.

In-Shell – We first grade the peanuts for size, with the largest being separated from the smaller peanuts.  They are then screened for acceptable color, with those that meet that high standard now destined to become the ultimate – Hampton Farms In Shell Peanuts.  There are then 3 sizes of In-Shell Virginia’s.

Shelled  (out of the shell) – Those peanuts that are not large enough to become in-shells are then sent to the “sheller” which removes the kernels from the shell.  The kernels are then sorted into different sizes.