How to Build a Holiday Nut Board

How to Build a Holiday Nut Board
This holiday season, be ready for everything from impromptu gatherings to planned holiday dinners with Hampton Farms gourmet nuts. With no oven or cook time involved, a holiday charcuterie board starring hearty and healthy nuts can be thrown together in a pinch.


So what’s the secret to making your charcuterie board look like its straight from the pages of Southern Living magazine? Color, texture and variety!


We recommend starting with an array of your favorite soft, semi-soft, firm and blue-veined cheeses. Display wedges as well as pre-sliced cheeses, which helps create layers on your board. 


Pepper in Hampton Farms gourmet nuts to give guests something salty, sweet and spicy to sink their teeth into. For additional protein, incorporate thinly sliced deli meats, which can be rolled up or stacked to save space on your board.


Look to nature to add pops of color—from pickled veggies to fresh produce to candied fruit and specialty honey. Finish the board with sprigs of fresh herbs, like thyme or rosemary, then sit back, pour a drink and enjoy your evening!

To learn more about what we put on our charcuterie board, check out the recipe post.

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