How to Make Roasted Broccoli with Chopped Nuts

How to Make Roasted Broccoli with Chopped Nuts

Roasted broccoli makes the perfect side dish to any weeknight meal. Healthy, satiating and versatile, use this recipe to jazz up florets with a crunchy sprinkling of Hampton Farms chopped peanuts and a hint of heat.

To get your broccoli perfectly golden brown, chop the florets into consistently sized pieces which will help them cook evenly. A roaster pan that you would use to roast a chicken or turkey is an ideal vessel to use when roasting any veggie. These heavy-duty pans are capable of holding higher temperatures, which caramelizes the vegetables touching its surface. 

Cook times can vary, so be sure to watch for the broccoli tops to turn slightly brown, indicating they’re cooked all the way through. Once the dish is removed from the oven, add peanuts and red pepper flakes to serve.

Read the full recipe here.


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