Why Are In-Shell Peanuts Better?

Why Are In-Shell Peanuts Better?

Are roasted peanuts in the shell better than their shelled counterparts? It’s been an ongoing discussion and hot debate in many households. While we think peanuts are good any way you eat them, in-shell peanuts offer plenty of benefits. Read on to discover their positive properties and health benefits, and learn why in-shell peanuts might hold a slight edge over their shelled counterparts.

Both In-Shell and Shelled Peanuts Are Good for You

In or out of the shell, shelf-stable, nutrient-dense, portable peanuts are good for you thanks to an abundance of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. Peanuts also contain more protein per serving than other nuts and rank second only to almonds when it comes to fiber. Both shelled and in-shell peanuts contain heart-healthy fats known to lower LDL cholesterol, help reduce blood pressure, and support the cardiovascular system.

Benefits of In-Shell Peanuts

There are no current studies that explain why in-shell peanuts are better, but it might have to do with the skin. Peanuts contain polyphenols and flavonoids, two antioxidant, anti-inflammatory compounds that are concentrated in the skin. Since the skin on a peanut in the shell is still intact, it packs more polyphenols and flavonoids into each bite.

Some people insist that peanuts in the shell taste better, but that's just a matter of opinion. A few brave folks eat peanuts shell and all, citing a blissful experience in both taste and texture. This makes perfect sense if they choose to eat peanuts with dynamic flavors like Cajun Hot, which offers just the right amount of heat from inside the shell.

What can you do with peanut shells?

If you’re convinced that in-shell peanuts are the superior option, you might find yourself with an overflow of discarded casings. After you pop out the peanut, don’t throw out the shell. Here are just a few easy ways to use this important peanut part.

  • Toss peanut shells into gardens or flower beds. Nitrogen-rich peanut shells will share their goodness with the garden as they break down.
  • Make a favorite feline happy. Soak peanut shells in water to soften, and then drain and mix them with baking soda for an eco-friendly kitty litter.
  • Create real packing peanuts. Surround fragile items with peanut shells before shipping.
  • Skip the de-icing chemicals and salt this winter. Cover icy sidewalks and walkways with crunched up peanut shell fragments.

Hampton Farms has been the leading supplier of the freshest, best quality roast and raw peanuts from seed to shelf since 1917 so you can enjoy them in-shell, out of shell, salted, unsalted, or any way you like them.

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