3 Ways Peanuts are Great for Your Heart

3 Ways Peanuts are Great for Your Heart

Self-care is all the rage these days, but sometimes it can feel like another to-do item on an already exhaustive list. When you’re in a pinch for time, you can show yourself — and your heart — some self-care with healthy snacks. Paired with a nutritious diet, having a great snacking game full of high-quality peanuts can help your body stay healthy so your mind can stay sharp.

February is American Heart Month, and taking steps to enhance your heart health is essential for enjoying this season. Peanuts are a highly effective way to satisfy your craving for a tasty snack while taking care of the most important organ in your body. Below, we’ve compiled three ways peanuts are great for your heart!


Reducing the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular diseases may lead to life-threatening complications, so it’s imperative to reduce disease risk by making even small changes. Lucky for you, one of these changes can be as tasty as peanuts! Peanuts have an abundance of healthy fats and have the highest protein of any nuts. Heart-healthy fats and proteins are part of a balanced diet that promotes good cardiovascular support. Additionally, eating peanuts can reduce the risk of developing other diseases like diabetes, which can lead to serious heart problems.


Lowering Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can cause a plethora of heart diseases and complications. Controlling one’s blood pressure with the nutrients in peanuts can help lower blood pressure. Peanuts are a substantial source of magnesium, phytochemicals and fiber — all essential in regulating blood pressure. For an added health boost, those worried about the sodium content in nuts should choose unsalted peanuts. Regardless of which type of peanut you select, both salted and unsalted possess enough nutrients to justify adding them to a healthy diet.


Protecting What’s Important

Your heart has various components that are worth protecting and monitoring. Arteries, for example, are essential to keep an eye on because they may become damaged over time. Peanuts prevent artery damage because they contain amino acids and phenolic compounds that protect their inner lining. Also, with rich nutrients such as vitamin E and arginine, peanuts are great for reducing inflammation.


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