Why Pecans Are the Perfect Nut for Fall

Why Pecans Are the Perfect Nut for Fall

Fall makes its first appearance as temperatures cool down and trees adorn natural landscapes with warmer hues. While summer may be ending, the exciting nature of fall invites people to partake in autumnal activities like apple picking, visiting corn mazes and pumpkin carving. One seasonal tradition that may surprise you is that people eat significantly more pecans in the fall than any other time of the year.

Pecans should be the undisputed nut of the season, and Hampton Farms is here to set the record straight about why. As an autumn delicacy, the rich and buttery pecan exemplifies everything great about this season. Below, we explore the reasons we think pecans are the best nut for the fall.

The Perfect Time to Harvest
The pecan nut is native to hickory trees in the South of the United States and northern Mexico. Pecan trees shed their nuts in autumn, and are harvestable in early September through November, just in time for fall festivities! Pecan husks split and reveal the delicious nut, which sometimes drops to the ground below. When visiting a pecan orchard during the fall, you may just find pecans scattered about at the base of their originating trees.

A Nut-ritional Powerhouse
It’s no surprise that nuts are part of a nutritious diet, and pecans are no different. Full of calcium, potassium, and monounsaturated fats, pecans contain essential nutrients and vitamins that make up a healthy, balanced diet. Pecans are higher in calories than a typical nut, which makes them a perfect snack for those engaging in physical activity or those who wish to feel fuller for longer. Eating nuts rich in monounsaturated fats can reduce risks associated with high cholesterol levels.

An Ideal Ingredient for Succulent Autumnal Recipes
There’s no limit to the potential of a humble pecan when it comes to fall recipes. From charcuterie boards to enjoy in front of an open fire to pecan pies that inundate a room with delicious aromas, pecans are incredibly versatile. Pecans mature during the fall, making them a ready-to-eat delicacy that aligns with holidays like Thanksgiving. The versatile nature of the pecan makes it the star of many popular fall dishes, including appetizers, desserts and even pecan-crusted entrees.

Seasonal Snacking
Because of their abundant availability and the scrumptious recipes, we naturally associate pecans with this time of year. There’s nothing quite like snacking on some honey-roasted pecans or allowing them to enrich your fall dishes while reveling in the last warm days of the season.


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