Why You Should Eat Peanuts Every Day
Peanuts: they’re so simple, yet packed with endless potential. From being the perfect little snack to the ideal ingredient, there’s nothing this mighty little nut can’t do. Peanuts deserve a big shoutout when it comes to keeping us fueled and...
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A Guide to Peanut Nutrition
From the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a brown paper lunch bag to the official ballpark snack, the peanut plant is one of the most iconic crops in the world--and for a good reason. Peanuts are just as...
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It’s Earth Day: Go Nuts
The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the temperatures are finally rising, which can only mean one thing. Spring has officially sprung. Each April, nature’s rebirth kicks off Earth’s next trip around the sun, and communities around the...
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Happy Heart Healthy Month, Snack Lovers!
Are you tired of the same old same old “healthy snacks?” Do you want to add some heart healthy, flavorful crunch to your life? Then Hampton Farms is the perfect snack to fit your busy lifestyle. Hampton Farms peanuts are...
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Holiday-Themed Nuts from Hampton Farms
The time is finally here. Office parties and Christmas parties galore. Everyone brings a treat, but you’re tired of the same old things. Try treating your friends and family to Hampton Farms new holiday-themed packaged nuts! 
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Hampton Farms celebrates National Peanut Month

Severn Peanut Co., which markets under the Hampton Farms brand, is running a customer appreciation giveaway this month for National Peanut Month.

The company is giving away weekly prizes of peanuts and a grand prize of an iRobot Roomba robot vacuum (worth $500) to its Facebook and Instagram followers.

“We are dedicated to our customers,” Dallas Barnes, president of Hampton Farms and grandson of company founder George Barnes, said in a news release.

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