Why You Should Eat Peanuts Every Day
Peanuts: they’re so simple, yet packed with endless potential. From being the perfect little snack to the ideal ingredient, there’s nothing this mighty little nut can’t do. Peanuts deserve a big shoutout when it comes to keeping us fueled and...
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The Origins of Peanuts and Peanut Butter
Though George Washington Carver is widely recognized as the father of the peanut industry for his discovery of over 300 unique uses for peanuts, he cannot be accredited with the invention of peanut butter. Read on to learn about the...
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Interview with Peanut Farmer Donny Lassiter
Donny L Lassiter Lassiter Family Farms LLC. North Carolina / Conway. Tell us a little about your farm & operations. Lassiter Family Farms is a family farm in northeastern North Carolina. My brother and I are third-generation farmers, working several...
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5 Unique Ways to Enjoy Peanuts
Peanuts stir up memories of childhood traditions like baseball, barbeques, and your favorite lunchtime sandwich, but these tasty little snacks reach far outside the scope of your youth. Read below to find out how you can kick traditional meals up...
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7 Health Benefits From Eating Peanuts
Reaching for a handful of Hampton Farms peanuts as an afternoon pick-me-up may feel like a guilty pleasure, but our peanuts are not just your taste bud’s preferred snack to get you through the rest of the day. They’re also...
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The Complete Guide to Raw Peanuts
Raw peanuts can be prepared as an iconic snack for just about every American pastime. For starters, boiled peanuts, in all their juicy, savory glory, are the original shotgun rider for any scenic road trip. Not to mention, roasted peanuts...
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