Why You Should Eat Peanuts Every Day
Peanuts: they’re so simple, yet packed with endless potential. From being the perfect little snack to the ideal ingredient, there’s nothing this mighty little nut can’t do. Peanuts deserve a big shoutout when it comes to keeping us fueled and...
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Turn Up the Heat on Boiled Peanuts
Autumn is settling in, which means shorter days fueled by pumpkin spice beverages and treats. Although fall is the favorite season of many folks, the drop in temperature is always an adjustment. So what better way to get cozy than with a delicious boiled...
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Why Peanuts Are the Perfect Tailgating Snack
We’ve been anxiously anticipating the return of football season this fall — not just for the action on the field, but for the delicious tailgating snacks! Hampton Farms peanuts are the ideal ingredient for crowd-pleasing, game-day dishes. Below, we’ve compiled...
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Go Nuts for National Wine and Cheese Day
What has one word, four syllables and endless possibilities? Charcuterie! July 25th is National Wine and Cheese Day, and making your own charcuterie board is the perfect way to celebrate. Some of you may have never assembled your own charcuterie...
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June 12th is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
Is there anything better than a fresh-out-of-the-oven peanut butter cookie? It's gooey but crisp, nutty but smooth, and savory but sweet. How could you ever beat that combination of textures and flavors? With National Peanut Butter Cookie Day coming up,...
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